"Travelers or commuters who might have concerns over their personal safety when out in the world might be interested in the 'WonderShell' shell backpacks. Boasting a bulletproof design, the 'WonderShell' backpack is designed to look like the shield of a superhero that sits comfortably and stylishly on your back."
"Coming with a superhero shield shape, the WonderShell Backpack has all the space you need for your laptop, tablet, devices, and gear. In addition, the unique zipper design runs along the circumference in a hemispherical shape for an anti-theft design."
"Many of us still use backpacks, they are so handy for carrying laptops, tablets and just about anything else that we might need on our travels. However, have you ever considered your backpack being something that could save your life, probably not because that is not the reason for buying it and even if it was where would you go for such a backpack?"
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